FX Loop - LND150 - Zero Loss

FX loop

FX Loop - LND150 - Zero Loss

FX Loop


This is a very popular piece of kit, the classic LND150 zero tone loss FX loop. It can be installed on virtually every tube based amplifier and it will take anything from 250 to 400VDC. 

You can buy it as bare bone PCB or as complete kit, in last case, it will be shipped with every single component you will need to built it. 


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FX loop
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Brand: Manta

Manta spec POT 5KB


After an entire year of R&D we're proud to present a definitive product for your best designs.  RV24 spec custom made for Manta Electronics - high grade potentiometer.  The best choice for audio amplifiers and instrument related products. 5KB - 1W

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