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Faithful recreation of this very unique and controversial 100W hi-gain american amplifier. 
This is not a "supposed" layout, schematic and brand new designed PCB are made out of a real production model we reverse engineered.

C2V100 is a 100W, two channels, low to hi-gain sounds for an overwhelming mid cutting galore.

You've got Voicing, Dark, Gain style switches, two gain control con CH2, and all the tonal option as the original, we a better laid out PCB. 

We're offering three levels to build your C2V100 model: 

- PCB only: you will receive just the bare PCB, everything else will be provided by you
- Partial kit: everything is provided rather than tubes and headshell. Resistors, cap, Manta pots, etc. You just need to put some tubes and a wood headshell. 
- Full kit: everything you need to build a fully working C2V100 is provided, including tubes and headshell. 

Exhaustive documentation including BOM, schematic and a very practical guide step by step to build you C2V100 will be provided after purchase. 


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