Manta "F-D" 100W OT

Manta "F-D" 100W OT


We're pleased to introduce our state of the art output transformers. 
Made with highest quality available iron, wind with premium enamel copper and terminated with superior quality wires.

This is the maximum expression of output transformer for guitar application. 

These are our standard "F" and "D" type output transformers.
If we start messing around with discussions like , are these paper bobbins, which Schumacher code are they based on, and all of these Forum things , we are not talking the same language. I mean, all of these characteristics are important. But there is absolutely  possibility to compensate the transformers for all of these characteristics. So we don't even want  to discuss all of these matters.
We are lucky enough to have tested, owned, played lots of originals and not original F transformers, as well full amplifiers.  Starting from original 50's stuff, up to modern days ones. And at the moment we want to offer what's in our vision our best 50 and 100w F style output thing. 
Furthermore there is an evident problem in many of these F based products, that is the sound richness ( harmonic content) is way too often dependant on the volume. We think to have done our best in order to address  also this behaviour, that sometime is quite frustrating.

Rated up to 100W with a primary impedance of 5k and full 4/8/16 ohm output taps is highly suggested as starting point for any "F" or "D" style build if you're looking for a superior piece of iron or to any upgrade. 

NOTE TO BUILDERS/BRAND: we're open to take large orders. Email us at

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Manta "F-D" 100W OT
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