Double Shirley - Kit

Additional relè board
OT Transformer
Fet boost board


Manta Audio is proud to present you our premium guitar amplifier kits.
Each kit is composed by selected parts only (both sourced and custom made under very strict specifications) and it's the result of months of research act to offer to our customers a premium build experience plus some very unique projects.

NOTE: please note our kits are always evolving. Price could change time to time and be comprehensive of more and more components. We highly suggest to check what the kit is offering at purchase time. 

"DS-40" Kit (PCB and instructions by Evolve DIY) (Image is for demonstration purposes only)

Love the DS40, but you wished you had a channel switching 2 gains/2 masters option?  Or you want the easiest way to build your own single channel DS40?  This board will do both.
This design maintains a shared tone stack, however independent Gains & Master and the addition of a relay activated cathode bypass boost (Structure) make this flexible.  Add our FX loop PCB to this one if wanting a loop.  Custom faceplates are available too.

Board is 263x80mm (10,4x3,1 inches)

PLEASE NOTE: schematic / wiring / BOM we will be sent to your email address AFTER purchase.

This kit contains:

  • Evolve DIY PCB;
  • Manta “SmallBox” chassis - PRE DRILLED;
  • Manta Potentiometer (full set);
  • Face plates (full set);

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